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Lace, Ribbons, and Pirouettes ...


Polina Semionova was born on September 13, 1984 in Moscow, Russia

Bolshoi Ballet Academy – Graduate (2002), Staatsballett Berlin – Principal (2002 – 2012), American Ballet Theatre – Principal (2012 – present)


Sabrina Mallem

ph. Sébastien Mathé






Natalia Osipova’s foot, whilst in a rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet.

dat foot

not gonna lie her feet and shoes scare me

for some reason I thought Spiderman was partnering her??????////??

I love her but I always thought her pointe shoes looked so weird!

I can’t figure out what she does to her shoes

Anastasia Lukina as Aurora and Nika Tskhvitariia as Flora

The Awakening of Flora

Vaganova Ballet Academy Graduation Performance 2014


200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

  • me sitting at the bus stop for 30 seconds: where the bus


when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings


A still of Fosse’s “Rich Man’s Frug,” from the 1969 film Sweet Charity. 

I remember when I got to do this dance my junior year of high school. It’s still my most favorite dance that I ever performed. I liked it better than my senior solo. I miss doing this dance :( I’d do it again if I could

I just found these pictures of baby otters and now I can’t stop smiling. {x}


Collections of baby sea otters to cheer your day II
Part 1


Royal Opera House

Literally feel like my leg muscles are about to bust out of my legs

I am Amanda, I am 18, a college student, dancer, actress, and a photography major. I am hoping to run my own dance studio and photography business someday! I will talk to almost anyone so if you want to chat just message me!

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