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I’ve recently noticed some people on here saying things about homeschoolers that are not true and I want to clear some things up:

  • We are not anti-social or quiet
  • Our parents do not treat us like we’re five
  • We do have social lives
  • We don’t spend that much time at home
  • We don’t do schoolwork on weekends
  • We have summer break
  • We also have spring break, fall break, and winter break
  • We don’t all homeschool for religious reasons. My family and I are Christians, but my parents didn’t start homeschooling me because of that.
  • We don’t all use Christian curriculum. I am a Christian and I have used Christian curriculum before, but I have also used textbooks from public schools. My Biology book had a whole chapter about evolution in it.
  • We do have prom, dances, and stuff like that
  • Most of us aren’t geniuses who spend a lot of time on our education. I’m certainly not. There are some who are, but there really aren’t that many.
  • We aren’t sheltered
  • Pretty much any after school activity that there is for public school kids is available for homeschoolers in some way such as sports, theatre, etc.
  • Most of us don’t spend that much time with our family 
  • We don’t watch G rated movies only. I saw my first R rated movie when I was 14 and have been watching them ever since.
  • We pretty much watch the same TV shows and listen to the same music as everyone else.
  • Yes, some of us have been to parties.
  • We aren’t all religious
  • We pretty much dress the same way as everyone else. We don’t walk around wearing long skirts and long sleeved shirts. I’ll admit it, some of the outfits that I have worn have gotten pretty close to being slutty. I’m not proud of that, I am just stating a fact.
  • A lot of homeschool girls do wear make up and dye their hair. This includes myself. 
  • We really aren’t very uptight at all
  • Most of us are not awkward around the opposite sex. I actually had to dance with a boy last month in my studio’s winter dance performance and it didn’t bother me at all. The guy I danced with was actually homeschooled too and there’s another homeschooled girl in my dance class who also had to dance with a guy. We were all completely comfortable with it.
  • Most of us are allowed to date. I know other homeschoolers who have dated and the only reason that I haven’t is because no one will ask me out.
  • Most of us also get our driver’s license

I think that’s pretty much everything I wanted to clear up. I am tired of people trying to act like homeschoolers are a bunch of uptight, awkward, anti-social, awkward weirdos.

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    Yeah I’m homeschooled and I dance and go on dates and drive and go to parties. I’m not a hermit
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